Loving Hand-Crafted Ferments Created By A Soulful Team Of Local Brewers, Farmers & Health Professionals

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Who is Buchi Kombucha?

Buchi Kombucha products are loving hand crafted ferments created by a soulful team of local brewers, farmers, foodies & health professionals. Step inside the Buchi brewery (which is always open to locals) and you’ll get a sense that this is a project driven by love. A crew of committed fermentos, food artisans, and health professionals make up the Buchi team.

Our motto ‘People, Planet, Profit’ is materialized by brewing kombucha and other gut loving ferments with only the freshest certified organic ingredients. Everything in your Buchi products is sourced from local, certified organic Australian farmers (or local/fair trade).

Since our beginnings we have always been committed to brewing much the same way it has been over the last 2000 years. The mission of Buchi is to produce premium, local, sustainable ferments for everyone.

Buchi’s focus is on brewing locally and using only local, certified organic ingredients but has a global view allowing for expansion into new regions within Australia and beyond. Buchi Brew Co. is founded by a Brisbane family with a background in nutrition and organic living and on a mission to connect community, making life bigger, heartier, and healthier

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Buchi Kombucha & Brew Co.

Step inside the Buchi brewery (which is always open to locals) and you’ll get a sense that this is a project driven by love. Our Kombucha and Water Kefir is wildly fermented with a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY or Mother) making it packed full of powerful probiotics, antioxidents and digestive enzymes. Everything in your Buchi is sourced from certified organic farmers. Our elixirs (eg. turmeric, ginger, limes, galangal etc) are all local to the SE QLD region, cold-pressed juiced to maintain their potency and vibrancy, and added to our kombucha at the time of bottling. We are RAW! Our Kombucha is brewed in natural oak barrels (to avoid plastic contaminents). We brew our Buchi Kombucha with 100% organic passion and love!
Buchi Kombucha & Brew Co.
Buchi Kombucha & Brew Co.
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Awesome fermenters from @gutsyferments & @buchikombuchaustralia busy with gut loving tastings at Newmarket Discount Drug store. Buchi and Gutsy have been fermenting together for eight years. They bring the best fermented food possible and we bring the bevies. Thanks Gutsy Crew! 👌❤️ #gutsy #gutsyferments #newmarketdiscountdrugstore
Buchi Kombucha & Brew Co.
Buchi Kombucha & Brew Co.
FERMENT WORKSHOP - Our next Everyday Ferment Workshop is May 4th 1-5pm. This is our all-rounder ferment workshop that has been packed with aspiring fermenters since its conception in 2012. Great for those who want to get a handle on a range of fermentation techniques and recipes and we demonstrate these to you. Some of the recipes include: ginger bug, kombucha, water, coconut and milk kefir, fire cider, t’asche, sauerkraut, kimchi and fermented vegetables (we also might throw in a cultured dessert). We show you how to make these ferments so you can make these at home yourself.
Many of the Buchi Brew Co. and @gutsyferments gang attend these workshops so your instruction is from some of the most experienced in the ferment and nutrition industry.
This workshop includes a thorough gut health presentation, recipe book, instruction, and loads of fermented food sampling.
Space is limited to 30 people for this workshop, so reserve your place now:
www.trybooking.com/ZPWP #buchi #buchibrewery #buchibrewco #buchilove #fermentworkshop #loveyourguts💚
Buchi Kombucha & Brew Co.
Buchi Kombucha & Brew Co.
Hands-on Sourdough Ferment Workshop complete! Tick. Finished the day with some fancy cinnamon scroll work. Beautiful participants. Fabulous food. Rest and feast now. Buchi Kombucha & Brew Co. Gutsy Ferments More workshops on our website: www.buchi.com.au 🙏 Ferment book at: www.foragefermentfeast.com #buchi #buchibrewery #buchibrewco #fermentbabyferment #sourdough #wildthings #loveyourguts💚

Buchi is a proud member of:

Australian Certified Organic
Slow Food Brisbane
Kombucha Brewers International
Chemical Free Community