Kombucha Fermenting in glass jar

Our Guarantee

The best tasting & highest quality kombucha you can buy on the market today! Hand-crafted the ‘old-fashioned way’ (the way nature intended) Buchi does everything possible to guarantee the best brews on the market.

Our Buchi Kombucha is wildly fermented with a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY or Mother) making it packed full of powerful probiotics, antioxidents and digestive enzymes.

​Everything in your Buchi is sourced from certified organic farmers. We are 100% certified organic.

Our elixirs (eg. turmeric, ginger, limes, galangal etc) are all local to the SE QLD region, cold-pressed juiced to maintain their potency and vibrancy, and added to our kombucha at the time of bottling.

We are RAW! This means that none of our added ingredients have been heated, maintaining their potency and vibrancy. And we definately don’t pasteurise our product.

​Our Kombucha is brewed in natural oak barrels to avoid plastic/metal leaching and contaminents, then we bottle in glass.

Buchi heavily supports the REAL FOOD movement in their local communities, and is actively expanding their reach to become a valuable national brand.

​Buchi Kombucha is brewed with 100% organic passion and love!