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Why We Can

Infinitely Recyclable

Can go more places

Lighter than glass

Smaller carbon footprint

Event, school, esky friendly

The past few years has been tough for so many in small business and we have had to make a big change.

Our beloved Buchi bottle has been with us from the beginning, however its now time to say goodbye – We are transitioning our 500ml Glass bottles to 375ml Cans. As a business this has been a big decision to make, and for Buchi to still be able to provide you with high quality affordable fermented drinks we needed to get our booch to you differently.

The WHY – Economically

  • Our shipping costs to get our bottles to oz have gone up a whopping 566% not something we can sustain any longer.
  • We have struggled to get consistent quality bottles and the shipping delays have been harder to work with over the past two years.
  • Packaging shortages across the globe have impacted small business and we can’t see these easing soon.

The WHY – Environmentally

  • Did you know that 70% of the aluminium that has been mined from the earth is still in circulation today due to the commitment in Australia to recycling more aluminium than glass.
  • Every time clear glass is manufactured new flint is taken from the earth.
  • It takes less energy and resources to recycle aluminium than glass.

Can we explain some benefits to you
(pardon the pun)

You can now take your BUCHI poolside, to an event that prohibits glass, send them to school (keep them chilled) & throw them in your esky for your next camping adventure.
Canning your seasonal favourites will be much easier – who remembers the strawberry lime last season! We love creating with seasonal produce and look forward to bringing that to you in cans.

They are lightweight for easy transport to your mates place. Our new cans are a smaller 375ml which is EASY to slam down when you are needing your Buchi fix. This smaller size means they are more affordable for you too.

OUR PROMISE is to create the most potent, high-quality, traditionally brewed Kombucha & Water Kefir possible. Buchi will never cut corners or compromise on providing the best fermented Beverages and Tonics for your health.

Our foundation has been built on the re-using of the Buchi glass bottles. We do this by providing bulk Kombucha through our 48 refill stations and 14 market stalls.
Every week we see committed Buchi fans bringing their bottles in to be refilled at these locations, we seriously love you for that – Amazing humans.

REST assured we will have our 1 litre bottles available at all refill stations and markets.

Find your local retailer here.


How we walk on this earth while we are here is up to all of us and as a business we are truly trying our hardest to make a better change for the planet.


We hope this message reaches you with understanding – please get in touch if you have any questions or feedback.

With love & gratitude,
Jase, Trace and The Buchi Team