Buchi Speciality Mixed Box

12 x 500ml bottles per box

$60.00 Inc. GST



This is a mixed box our Speciality Kombucha’s and Water Kefir’s and include: 3 bottles of Ginger Galangal Water Kefir, 3 bottles of Orange Sunshine Water Kefir, and 6 bottles of our Taste of the Season Kombucha or Water Kefir*.

12 x 500ml bottles per box.

*Our Taste of the Season Kombucha and Water Kefir is made up of seasonal roots, fruits and shoots from our organic farmers. They are always delicious! Some of our past (and present) Taste of the Season flavours include: Cucumber, Mint and Apple; Apple, Beetroot and Carrot; Mixed Local Berries; Ginger and Orange…and many more. Take a leap of faith…you’ll be rewarded.