Ginger Galangal Water Kefir

12 x 500ml bottles per box

$60.00 Inc. GST



Buchi Water Kefir (or tibicos) is the real deal – cultured with water kefir crystals (also called grains) which convert water, nutrients and natural sugars into this beneficial gut-friendly, probiotic. Deliciously tangy and refreshing, our water kefir is packed with nutrients, vitamins and microorganism to stimulate digestion and energise the mind.

Ingredients: 100% Buchi’s organic raw kefir, dried organic apricots, apple, ginger & galangal.

12 x 500ml bottles per box.

*Kombucha is fermented using a blend of black and green teas and organic raw sugar (don’t worry, the culture consumes the sugar and converts it into health-giving enzymes).