Brew Kits and Cultures

Buchi is Australia’s leading company in home brew ferment kits! All our kombucha and water kefir cultures are shipped fresh and come from a guaranteed certified organic brewery.

Kombucha Home Brew Kit

Kombucha Home Brew Kit

Our Kombucha home brew kits include everything you need to start brewing:

  • 5 litre glass brewing jar
  • a fat juicy certified organic SCOBY
  • 500ml certified organic starter kombucha
  • certified organic teas
  • certified organic sugar
  • organic muslin, and
  • instructions.
Water Kefir Kit

Water Kefir Home Brew Kit

Our Water Kefir home brew kits include:

  • 2 litre glass brewing jar
  • water kefir grains/crystals
  • organic muslin, and
  • instructions.

(PS. Did we tell you that all of our brew kits and cultures are certified organic and come from a certified organic brewery?)

*kombucha is fermented using a blend of organic teas and organic raw sugar (don’t worry, the sugar is consumed by the culture converting it into health-giving enzymes)