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Brew Kits and Cultures

Buchi is Australia’s leading company in home brew ferment kits! All our kombucha and water kefir cultures are shipped fresh and come from a guaranteed certified organic brewery.

Kombucha Home Brew Kit

Our Kombucha home brew kits include everything you need to start brewing:

  • 5 litre glass brewing jar
  • a fat juicy certified organic SCOBY
  • 500ml certified organic starter kombucha
  • certified organic teas
  • certified organic sugar
  • organic muslin, and
  • instructions.

Kombucha Scoby

Buchi is Australia’s leading company in home brew ferment kits and the ONLY Certified Organic Home Brew Kits and Cultures in Australia. A kombucha culture is often called a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast) or mother. To start brewing, you will need a SCOBY to get you going. Once you have one, you’ll be able to brew kombucha forever – with each brew, a new baby SCOBY will form. If you already have the rest of the ingredients and supplies, all you need is the SCOBY and you are on your way to brewing some delicious Kombucha!

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Water Kefir Home Brew Kit

Our Water Kefir home brew kits include:

  • 2 litre glass brewing jar
  • water kefir grains/crystals
  • organic muslin, and
  • instructions.

Water Kefir Grains/Culture Only

Buchi is Australia’s leading company in home brew ferment kits, and grow the ONLY Certified Organic cultures in Australia. Water kefir is a fermented beverage teeming with beneficial bacteria, it’s easily flavored, remarkably simple to prepare and offers a pleasant alternative to commercial soft drinks and juices. Kefir means ‘feel good’ in Turkish. Impressively rich in micronutrients, enzymes and beneficial bacteria, water kefir numbers among the top ten dairy-free probiotics. Water kefir, like kombucha, is first cultured by introducing a scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts) into sugar water. The beneficial bacteria and yeasts present in the grains metabolize the sugar and turn it into acetic acid and enzymes. Kefir grains/crystals are small, translucent, gelatinous structures and are comprised of assorted bacteria including lactobacillus hilgardii which gives them their characteristic crystal-like appearance. When properly cared for and regularly cultured, they produce a wonderful probiotic-rich beverage and will continue to grow and reproduce indefinitely.

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*kombucha is fermented using a blend of organic teas and organic raw sugar (don’t worry, the sugar is consumed by the culture converting it into health-giving enzymes)