Forage Ferment Feast

OK so it’s not little, it’s HUGE. 356 pages of fermentation inspiration to be exact. Epic tales of food and family with recipes for restoring gut health, connection, healing and wholeness.

Go beyond the jar and fall in love with fermenting. We invite you to discover the web of connectivity across everything on the planet – plants and animals, even our buddies bacteria and friendly fungi.

Expand your existing understanding and recipe repertoire for incorporating fermentation into your everyday. Your kitchen, your home, your family – be inspired by the natural wonder that is fermentation and gain the confidence to restore your own gut and build body resilience.

One Bite at a Time

In the book, One Bite at a Time: Reduce Toxic Exposure and Eat the World you Want, authors Tabitha McIntosh and Dr. Sarah Lantz offer a better understanding of consumer and industrial chemicals and their impact on the human body – and importantly, the concrete steps needed to both reduce toxic exposure and build body resiliency.

It’s in the later – build body resiliency – where the focus of the book really takes shape. Food is our focus here. Why? Firstly, conscious food choices can significantly reduce (or eliminate) toxic exposure; secondly, particular food components can build body resiliency against toxic exposure; and thirdly, food choices can provide a high ground of ethics with systemic solutions to the issue of human and environmental toxicity and pollution.

Across Australia there are some significant movements and ethical businesses sprouting up and pushing back in response to the industrial food industry. And in this book you are going to hear from those heroes of our food world – producers, farmers, pickers packers, bakers, makers, researchers, food writers and bloggers – people taking matter into their own hands and creating happier, heartier, healthier solutions for other Australians. Ultimately, food has the power to connect us – to ourselves, or bodies and to each other. Ultimately this book is a journey from disconnection, separation, and alienation — to connection, fulfilment, wholeness, and healing — one bite at a time.

Chemical Free Kids: Raising Healthy Children in a Toxic World

Do you think you would be using your current personal care products on your children if you knew they contained harmful and hazardous chemicals?

There are over 100,000 synthetic chemicals available on the market. They are in everything: from shampoo to hair dye, nail polish, moisturiser, hair spray, food, water, toys, over-the-counter and prescription drugs, cleaning products, clothing. We ingest, absorb and inhale these chemicals every day. They get into our bodies and end up in our bloodstream or get stored in our organs.

The problem is, over half of these chemicals have never been tested for their toxicity on the human body. Many are carcinogens, suspected carcinogens, hormone disruptors, allergens and other harmful substances.

Chemical Free Kids is one of the few resources for parents in the world to address the issue of chemicals and their impact on human health and specifically on children and young people: What are the toxic chemicals? How do they get into the body? What are the health and behavioural problems they cause? Why are children particularly exposed and susceptible to chemicals? Chemical Free Kids teaches parents and care givers how to protect their children from the toxins of the modern world. Essential reading.